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What Is The Ozone Testing?

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What Is The Ozone Testing?

What Is Ozone

Ozone is an allotrope of the oxygen element, which is a light blue gas with fishy smell. Ozone test chamber has strong oxidizing property, which is a stronger oxidizing agent than oxygen, and can be oxidized at lower temperature. The ozone can oxidize silver to silver peroxide, oxidize the lead sulfide to lead sulfate, and react with potassium iodide to generate iodine. 

How The Ozone Is Produced

Ozone is a gas which can be produced anywhere where there is sufficient oxygen in the atmosphere. Although it will not tend to be produced spontaneously, an outside influence is usually required. Typical influences include high voltage electricity, in particular where sparks are produced, and electromagnetic radiation which, in the ultraviolet band, can cause significant ozone generation. Therefore there is always potential for small levels of ozone to be present in the atmosphere due to the influence of the sun alone - hence the presence of the ozone layer.

Properties of Ozone

Ozone can fade most organic pigments. Ozone can slowly erode rubber and cork, causing organic unsaturated compounds to be oxidized. The ozone is commonly used in the disinfection and sterilization of the beverage, air purification, bleaching, water treatment and drinking water disinfection, and the granary can kill the mould and the eggs. 

Ozone is one of the strongest oxidants in nature because of its strong oxidation and bactericidal properties. At the same time, the product of ozone reaction is oxygen, so ozone is an efficient oxidant without secondary pollution.

What Is The Ozone Test

Ozone aging test is a technology to test the aging resistance of rubber products by adding environmental simulation to accelerate the aging process of rubber ozone in view of the sensitivity of rubber to ozone.

Ozone is mainly present in the ozone layer below the stratosphere in the atmosphere, but there is also a lean ozone in the surface atmosphere. Because rubber materials are sensitive to ozone, even thin ozone can crack all rubber products. In order to deal with this problem, manufacturer will add various auxiliary components when developing the rubber product, and then use the ozone test chamber to test the ozone aging of the product, so as to obtain the parameters of the ozone aging resistance of the rubber product. 

Different products can be compared with each other according to the same  standard to obtain the comparable aging resistance. Ozone aging test is to expose the sample to closed, unilluminated air containing constant ozone concentration and constant temperature ozone test chamber, and to detect the sample according to the predetermined time. The ozone aging resistance of the sample was evaluated by the degree of cracking or other properties on the surface of the sample. ozone aging test is divided into static tensile test and dynamic tensile test. In this test, ozone concentration, temperature, sample elongation ratio are very important three parameters. 

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