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  • Q How to provide after sales service?

    If customers need our engineers on site service, the company only need pay the ticket accommodation to our engineers, service is for free.
    If Products still can't use after our engineers repair, we will produce a new test chamber (same as the old one) to our customers with no charge.
    You can contact our local service center in overseas market to get service and product.
  • Q Do you have an agent?

    A Currently we have agents in Europe, Asia, North America, South Africa, and can provide sales and technical services.
  • Q Can we come to your factory to study and train?

    A Welcome to our factory for study and training, we provide this service free of charge.
  • Q Can you send engineers to our company?

    A Yes, sure. We will communicate in advance to facilitate the bringing of tools and components.
  • Q Can I install and debug calibration on site?

    A Yes, we can send technicians and engineers to the customer site for installation, commissioning and calibration.
  • Q What are the modes of transportation?

    A Air, sea, rail, multimodal transport.
  • Q What is the packaging?

    A Standard export wooden box packaging, solid and firm.
  • Q How do you calibrate the equipment?

    A We have our own calibration and third-party calibration such as ISO17025.
  • Q Is there a door to door service?

    A Yes, there is door to door service. We will arrange a one-stop service.
  • Q What are the payment methods?

    A Payment methods are T/T, Paypal, L/C, VISA
  • Q How long is the warranty period?

    A Warranty period is 3 years, free service for life
  • Q Can you ship quickly?

    A Our delivery period is 3-21 days. Some of the hot-selling equipments are in stock and can be shipped within 1-3 days.



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