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The method of environmental test

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The method of environmental test

Environmental test equipment is a method for verifying the quality of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products under the conditions of simulating various environmental climates, transportation, handling, vibration, etc. The objective is to verify that materials and products meet the quality objectives expected in R&D, design, and manufacturing by testing using various environmental test equipment. It is widely used in aviation, military, shipbuilding, electronics, medical, instrumentation, petrochemical, medical, automobile and motorcycle fields.

Environmental chamber including some constant temperature and humidity test chambers, thermal shock test chambers, salt spray test chambers, accelerated aging test chambers, dust test chambers, water spray test chambers, ozone test chambers, toxic gas corrosion chambers, etc. Environmental testing equipment can be tested in various requirements and properties according to various standards such as IEC, MIL, ISO, GB, GJB or user requirements. The common test methods are described below.

environmental chamber

Environmental test method

1.High temperature test

 The product in the test is in high temperature air, but it is not directly exposed to sunlight. The test is directed to the storage or use of heat sources in indoors or confined spaces or near heat sources such as engines during high temperature seasons. This test is only performed when the solar radiation test cannot test the high temperature effect. The purpose of the test is to verify the performance of storage or use in a high temperature environment.

environmental chamber

2.Low temperature test

The low temperature test generally uses a constant temperature and humidity test chamber. The test is applicable to test pieces that are likely to be used in low temperature environments during the life cycle. The purpose of the test is to verify that the test piece can be stored, manipulated, and operated in a long-term low temperature environment.

3.Rain test

The test is applicable to products that may be exposed to rain during use. The rain test includes a rain test without wind and a rain test when there is wind. The purpose of the rain test is to test the waterproof performance of the rain-proof equipment and to check the performance of the weapon during and after the rain. The water spray test chamber can simulate the raining situation very well.

4.Salt spray test

Salt is widely distributed on the earth. There are salt in the ocean, the atmosphere, the ground, the lake and the river, especially in the coastal areas. Products that are not in contact with salt are not available. Salt spray test chambers are often used.

environmental chamber

5.Dust test

The test is applicable to all mechanical or electrochemical articles used in air with relatively high dry sand or dust content.

The evaluation of the product can not only see whether its function and performance are excellent, but also integrate various aspects, such as the reliability of its function and performance, maintenance, and cost in a harsh environment. Environmental test plays an important role in improving product reliability.

Environmental testing is carried out in the development, production and use of products. The more realistic and accurate the environmental test, the more reliable the product. You are worth buying a quality environmental chamber.

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