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How To Select UV Lamps In UV Aging Test

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The end use conditions of your materials determine which type of UV lamp you should use. All LIB UV lamps mainly emit ultraviolet light instead of visible light or infrared light. The power of the UV lamp is equivalent to a common 40-watt fluorescent lamp. However, the total ultraviolet energy emitted by each different type of lamp is different, and the spectral distribution is also different. Ultraviolet lamps can usually be divided into UVA and UVB, depending on the region where most of the output spectrum is located.

UVA lamp

UVA lamps are particularly suitable for comparative testing of different types of polymers, because UVA lamps do not contain any ultra-short ultraviolet light below the 295nm cut-off point of sunlight. His damage to materials is slower than UVB lamps. However, his correlation with outdoor exposure results is better.

UVA-340 best simulates the key ultraviolet short wave region of sunlight from 365nm to the cut-off point of 295nm. Its peak value is 340nm. UVA-340 is particularly useful for comparative testing of different compositions.

UVA-351 simulates the ultraviolet part of sunlight passing through window glass. It is suitable for the aging test of indoor products such as certain inks and polymer materials placed near the window.

UVB lamp

The UVB lamp emits the shortest wavelength of sunlight available on the surface of the earth. Since all UVB lamps emit non-naturally occurring ultraviolet short waves below the 295nm load stop point in sunlight, there will be different results from the actual conditions. We can provide two types of UVB lamps, which have different irradiance but produce the same wavelength of ultraviolet wavelength.

UVB-313EL is more suitable for QC and R&D applications and testing of durable materials. UVB313EL emits a higher UV output, which results in faster test results and is also very stable.

UVB-313EL is a substitute for UVB-313, he can provide more output stability. The solar eye light intensity control system can reduce the UVB-313EL's irradiated light intensity, which can extend the life of the lamp and reduce the cost of lamp replacement.

Other manufacturers of other UV lamps can sometimes be obtained from other manufacturers. The light intensity, spectral power distribution and aging characteristics of lamps of other manufacturers are very different. Thus different test results will be produced. In order to ensure the accuracy and high efficiency of the test, it is recommended to use only LIB UV lamps.

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Recommended applications for lamps: Do not mix different types of lamps in LIB UV test. Mixing different types of lamps will make the light source on the sample inconsistent, which will cause different shades of stripes in the sample.

LIB UV test chamber is used in tests that incorporate UV light,temperature, condensing humidity, water sprays, and irradiance control. UV weathering resistance test chamber uses UVA-340, UVB-313 fluorescent UV lamps for a variety of test conditions. Accelerated weathering tests included color change, gloss loss, chalking, cracking, crazing, hazing, blistering, strength loss and oxidation and many others.

UV series weathering chambers are upgrade to programmable controller and Ethernet access that provides simple operation and control.

UV aging test chamber-2

UV aging test chamber

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