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What Is The Sand Dust Test Chamber?

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What Is The Sand Dust Test Chamber?

Because the environment gets destroyed, the sandstorm often happened on the northwest of China. And the air quality around us become poor. Then we found a chamber to test the sand dust in the wind and according to the data to find the reasons.




The sand dust test chamber is suitable for testing the shell sealing performance of the product, and is mainly used for the tests of IP5X and IP6X specified in the enclosure protection level standard. It mainly simulates the damage of locks, motorcycle parts, seals, power meters and other products caused by sandstorm weather.

dust test chamber


The Structure Features

The outer casing of the equipment is electrostatically sprayed with cold-rolled steel plate, and the inner tank is made of high-quality stainless steel plate. The overall appearance is beautiful and generous.It arranged a large area observation window and a manual wiper device in the middle of the box door, which can easily see the test condition of the temperature test chamber piece clearly during the test. The main control device of the device adopts intelligent digital display controller. And its user-friendly design makes it easy to use. The instrument operation of different functional grades is compatible with each other. The input adopts digital correction system, built-in common thermocouple and thermal resistance nonlinear correction table.

dust test chamber

Besides, the measurement is accurate and stable. It also has the position adjustment and AI artificial intelligence adjustment function, 0.2 level accuracy, a variety of alarm modes. What’s more is the device has a timing function. The equipment is heated with a stainless steel finned heating tube. The dust blowing period and vibration period of the whole equipment are adjustable, and the timer of the total test is equipped.

How to Repair It When Malfunction

1.    If the sand dust test chamber can’t turn on. Please check whether the power supply is normal or not. And the phase sequence should also be normal.

2.    Can’t bring the dust out. Check whether the blower is working properly or the fan is too small, check whether the dust is dry.

3.    No vibration: Check whether the vibration motor can be normally used.

4.    The sand dust test chamber should be managed by a special person. What’s more, the cabinet and blower should be cleaned regularly, and it needs maintained by professionals on a regular basis.

5.    In order to stably play the function and performance of the test chamber. It a space with a normal temperature of 15 to 25 degrees and a relative humidity of less than 85% should be selected.

6.    The distance between adjacent walls and objects. The ambient temperature of the installation site should not be changed drastically. And it should be installed in a place without direct sunlight.Install it in a well-ventilated place, away from combustibles, explosives and high-temperature heat sources is also should be noticed. The equipment should be installed in places with less dust.Try your best to installed it close to the power supply.



The sand dust test chamber can help us produce the products which will be more environmental than before. So that can make a fuction of protecting environment.


Please complete fields to get price quote and specifications today. LIB team will fast response.



Please complete fields to get price quote and specifications today. LIB team will fast response.


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