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Dustproof and Waterproof Test of Electronic and Electrical Products

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Dustproof and Waterproof Test of Electronic and Electrical Products

In general, dust and water will affect the normal function of electronic products in daily use and outdoor activities. For this reason, the environmental chamber manufacturers have provided a special environmental chamber to conduct dust-proof and water-proof test for electronic products in advance.


Definition of IPXX Dustproof and Waterproof Grade

The protection level of electrical and electronic equipment can reflects the outer covering protect degree, which is mainly to against the dangers or the mixing of foreign materials. Especially for outdoor activities, which are inevitable in the harsh environment of high humidity or dust. Besides, the waterproof ability is very important to ensure the safe operation and life of the instrument.


Therefore, for the electronic and electrical equipment with rated voltage no more than 72.5kV, there are corresponding test standards for protection level, among which IEC60529 and GB / T 4208 are more commonly used. The meaning of ipxx dust-proof and water-proof grade: the first X represents dust-proof grade, and the second X represents water-proof grade. For example, IP65 represents dust-proof is 6 grade and water-proof is 5 grade.


environmental chamber


Purpose and Significance of Dustproof

Electronic and electrical products are affected by sand and dust during transportation, storage and use. The impact of sand and dust mainly occurs in dry and hot areas, it also exists seasonally in other areas.

(1) Sand and dust can cause corrosion and damage to the surface of electronic and electrical products.

(2) Sand and dust can block passage openings and filters.

(3) Sand and dust can enter cracks, pores, bearings, joints and seals, causing various harmful effects.

(4) Sand and dust can cause moving parts and mating parts to stick and block.

(5) Sand and dust can make contactors and relays inoperative, form conductive bridges, and create short circuits, which can affect the function and performance of the product.

(6) Sand and dust will not be eliminated by themselves. Besides, they often adhere to the equipment and continuously accumulate. It can absorb moisture to form corrosive electrolytes, it also can promote microbial activity. This effect will affect the product for a long time.


It can be seen that sand and dust can affect product performance, use, reliability and maintainability. The purpose of the sand and dust test is to assess the ability of electronic and electrical products to prevent sand and dust from entering and the ability to work in sand and dust environments. In order to simulate the impact of sand and dust on the product, there are currently two methods commonly used, one is the dust blowing method, and the other is the sand blowing method. The test can be determined according to the product's function, use status and environment, but the dust blowing method is generally used.


water spray test


Purpose and Significance of Waterproof

In the process of transportation and use of electronic and electrical products, equipment may be exposed to rain, water spraying systems, and even flooded by water.

(1) Water can damage the coating on the product surface, accelerate metal corrosion, and reduce the strength of some materials. Which is the main reason for the electric insulation fire or breakdown, resulting in short circuit damage to the product.

(2) Water also can penetrate the interior of the product and freeze, causing parts to fail due to cracking.

(3) Water will bring high humidity, thus promoting the growth of mold and so on.


The purpose of the waterproof test is to assess the waterproof ability of the shell, protective cover and seal of the product to ensure that the product will not be damaged and have satisfactory performance under the influence of water.



At present, it mainly provides a variety of waterproof and dustproof tests through mechanical testing equipment, such as environmental test chamber and so on.

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Please complete fields to get price quote and specifications today. LIB team will fast response.


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