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What Is The Water Spray Test Chamber

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When we use the industrial products on the outdoor places, such as cars, they will often suffer from raining. And the water spray test chamber is used to test their waterproof performance.



The water spray test chamber is suitable for external lighting and signaling devices and automotive lamp housing protection, it can provide a variety of environments for realistic analog electronic products and their components that may be exposed to water spray and spray tests during transportation and use. In order to achieve the waterproof performance of various products.


IPX1 IPX2 IPX3 IPX4 Water spray test chambers can perform tests in accordance with IEC60529, and IPX1 IPX2 IPX3 IPX4 protection code.The chambers built with the water tightness of sealed components such as head lamp, Power connector. Waterproof power connector in the test room can easily supply electricity to the specimens.


The water spray Chamber built with a water re-circulation system that reduced water use and a series of water pipes. Incorporated rotating turntable can promote even spray of water over the surface of the products under testing. Automatic water supply ensures adequate supply of water and automatic testing. Besides, all models are upgrade to programmable controller and Ethernet access that provides simple operation and control. Various size and configuration to suit many types of test conditions.

 water spray test chamber

Auxiliary Structure

The bottom of the test box has a water storage tank, a test water spray system, a table rotation system, and a swing tube swing drive device.

About the sealing: It uses double-layer high temperature and high tensile seal between the door and the box to ensure the sealing of the test area.

The door handle: To let it easier to operate, it is used with no reaction door handle.

With casters: On the bottom of the machine, it uses high quality fixed PU movable wheel to let it easy to move. It also have a good stability when you need to use.

The Structure Features

1.    Capacity of 729 liters and 2700 liters.

2.    Protection against drip, spraying and splashing water.

3.    Control and adjust water flow.

4.    Eliminates water consumption by circulation unit.

5.    Waterproof power connector in the test room.

6.    Automatic water supply.

7.    Programmable color display touch screen controller.

8.    USB and Ethernet.

9.    A viewing window with wiper.

10. Internal illumination in test room.

11. It also has safety protection system to protect operators’ safety.

12. CE mark, ISO17025 calibration.

 water test chamber

Operating Specification

First, turn on the power, then turn on the power switch, you will see the power light is on. Otherwise, the controller will automatically enter the fixed value stop interface.

1. Turn on the power, if the control program set by the machine is finished running, the machine will stop running.

2. When the set control program runs, the machine will stop running.

3. Open the door handle and place the test sample on the sample holder. Remember closing the door.

Note: The capacity of the sample placed shall not exceed 2/3 of the capacity of the test area.

4. According to the “TEMI880 Operation Manual”, first perform the test setting operation, then enter the test state according to the set operation mode.

5. If you want to observe the change in the box during the test, you can turn on the door light switch, then you can know the internal changes through the window. The temperature and humidity changes in the constant temperature chamber will be displayed on the controller (if the test has no humidity requirement, the humidity value will have no display value).

6. Open the door handle, take the test sample out of the sample holder, check the sample after the test, and record the test condition.

7. After the test is finished, turn off the power switch.




1. When an unexpected sound is heard during operation, it is necessary to stop the inspection in time. After checking and solving the problems, you can restart the power. Otherwise, it may influence the useful life of the machine.

2. The transmission mechanism must be refueled regularly.

3. After the equipment is positioned, the support frame should be propped up to prevent the casters from being shocked and changing the original place during the test.

4. With a long time use, If the spray hole is blocked, the pipeline must be removed, rinsed with tap water and assembled.



Remember keep yourself safety when you use the water spray test chamber. And we can improve our machine accoding to the data.

Please complete fields to get price quote and specifications today. LIB team will fast response.



Please complete fields to get price quote and specifications today. LIB team will fast response.


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