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What Is The Thermal Shock Test Chamber

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As we all known that if the temperature of the environment in which the item is placed changes rapidly, it will destroy the stability of the object. And the thermal shock test chamber is used to simulate the impact of this environment on the item.



The thermal shock test chamber is an indispensable test equipment for the metal, plastic, rubber, electronics and other materials industries. It is used to test the degree of which a material structure or composite material can withstand in a transient environment of extremely high temperature and extremely low temperature. It is possible to detect chemical changes or physical damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the sample in the shortest time.

  Thermal Shock Test Chamber

The Structure Features

1.    The smooth sample elevator will be transferred between cold test chamber to hot test chambers.

2.    The temperature recovery time is less than 15 minutes.

3.    It also contains rogrammable color LCD touch screen controller.

4.    The thermal shock test chamber contains mechanical compression refrigeration system.

5.    Casters, shelf, and cable port are standard.

6.    There are lamps inside of chamber.

7.    Ethernet and USB(option).

8.    Has large viewing window.

9.    The sample shelves can be adjusted and removed.


Cooling System

1. Refrigeration system and compressor: In order to ensure the cooling rate and keeping the temperature in the minimum of the temperature controlling equipment. The temperature humidity test chamber adopts a binary cascade Freon refrigeration system consisting of a German semi-hermetic compressor. The cascade system comprises a high pressure refrigeration cycle and a low pressure refrigeration cycle, the connecting vessel is an evaporative condenser, and the evaporating condenser functions to use the low pressure circulating evaporator as a high pressure circulating condenser.

The design of the refrigeration system uses energy-regulating technology is an effective treatment method that can ensure the effective adjustment of the energy consumption and cooling capacity of the refrigeration system under the normal operation of the refrigeration unit, so that the operating cost of the refrigeration system. And the failure will be dropped to a more economical state.

2. Refrigeration working principle: Both high and low refrigeration cycles adopt reverse card cycle, which consists of two isothermal processes and two adiabatic processes. The process is as follows: the refrigerant is compressed by the compressor to a higher pressure and consumes the work. The exhaust gas temperature is raised, and then the refrigerant is isothermally exchanged with the surrounding medium through the condenser to transfer heat to the surrounding medium. After the refrigerant is adiabatically expanded by the shut-off valve, the temperature of the refrigerant is lowered. This cycle is repeated to achieve the purpose of cooling.

  Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Maintenance Precautions

The hot and cold impact box should be fixed once every 3 months to clean the condenser. For the air-cooled cooling system, the condensation fan should be regularly checked. Besides, the condenser should be decontaminated and dusted to ensure its good ventilation and heat transfer performance. The refrigeration system is cooled by water cooling, so it should check that the water inlet pressure and inlet water temperature are within the specified range. The corresponding flow rate must be checked frequently. What’s more, the inside of the condenser should be cleaned and descaled regularly to obtain its continuous heat transfer performance.


Remember when you use the thermal shock test chamber, it should two or more professional skill workers to ensure the safety.

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Please complete fields to get price quote and specifications today. LIB team will fast response.


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