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What Is The Accelerated Weathering Tester

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What Is The Accelerated Weathering Tester

The accelerated weathering tester reproduces the damage caused by sunlight, rain and dew. For example, in a few days or weeks, the accelerated weathering tester with ultraviolet rays can reproduce the damage that occurs over months or years outdoors. It simulates the effects of sunlight using special fluorescent UV lamps. In fact, the accelerated weathering tester is the simplest, most reliable, and easiest to use. With thousands of users worldwide, the QUV accelerated weathering tester has been the most widely used weathering tester in the world.

Working Principles Of The Accelerated Weathering Tester

1.Weathering With Ultraviolet 

By using fluorescent ultraviolet lamp as light source, the accelerated weathering tester carries out accelerated weatherability test of materials by simulating ultraviolet radiation and condensation in natural sunlight to obtain the results of weatherability of materials. It can simulate the environmental conditions such as ultraviolet, rain, high temperature, high humidity, condensation and darkness in natural climate. By reproducing these conditions, it can merge into a cycle and let it automatically execute the number of cycles.

2.Weathering With Xenon Lamp

The accelerated weathering tester uses xenon arc lamp,  which can simulate the whole sunlight spectrum to reproduce the destructive light waves in different environments, to provide corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated test for scientific research, product development and quality control. 

UV Test Chamber

3.Weathering With Ozone

It can be used for rubber products such as vulcanized rubber, thermoplastic rubber, cable insulation sheath and so on. Under static tension deformation, the material is exposed to airtight and illuminated test box containing constant ozone concentration and constant temperature. The samples are tested in the accelerated weathering tester according to the predetermined time. And the cracks or other performance changes occurring on the surface of the samples can be used to evaluate the ozone weathering resistance of rubber.

4.Weathering With High Temperature

This kind of accelerated weathering tester is a necessary test equipment in aviation, automobile, household appliances, scientific research and other fields. It is used to test and determine the parameters and performance of electrical, electronic and other products and materials after high temperature or constant temperature test.

5.Weathering With Salt-fog Corrosion

The salt-fog corrosion resistance of some products can be assessed by examining the ability of salt-fog corrosion of materials in the accelerated weathering tester. This product is manufactured for salt-fog corrosion tests of parts, electronic components, protective coatings of metal materials and industrial products. And it can also be divided into three parts according to the test requirements. The results are as follows: neutral salt-fog test, acid salt-fog test and copper accelerated acetate spray test.

Xenon Weathering Chamber

Functions Of The Accelerated Weathering Tester

As the principle of the accelerated weathering tester shows, there is a variety of functions in our life. 

First, the accelerated weathering tester with high temperature test can be used for high temperature weathering tests of diverse products to test their high temperature resistance. 

Second, the accelerated weathering tester with ozone mainly uses to evaluate the weathering degree and ozone aging resistance of the rubber in ozone environment.

Moreover, the accelerated weathering tester with ultraviolet rays can be used to test the oxidation resistance and yellowing resistance of the products. 

In short, the accelerated weathering tester is used to test various performance of products by simulating various natural factors to help us improve our technology. That is all that counts. 

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