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Salt Spray Test Chamber:Testing Principles And Installation Procedure

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 Salt Spray Test Chamber:Testing Principles And Installation Procedure

Salt Spray Corrosion Test chamber can evaluate the ability of some products to resist salt spray corrosion by examining the ability of salt spray corrosion of materials and their protective layers, and comparing the process quality of similar protective layers, which is suitable for salt spray corrosion test of parts, electronic components, metal materials and industrial products. This article is written to talk about some testing principles of Salt Spray Corrosion Test chamber, as well as its installation procedure.

Salt spray test chamber is a salt spray corrosion test sample to be tested in a way that the corrosion resistance of the reliability and respectively. And it uses chemical principles to work and make tests, which are written as follows.

To begin with, the corrosive solution is going to be sprayed with compressed air into mist system, which will be surrounding the test sample in the test case. And the second principle ids that tests can be continuous or circular. Apart from this, the corrosion resistance of each sample in Corrosion Resistance Salt Spray Test Chamber as well as Salt Spray fog Corrosion Testing Equipment is defined as the time it takes for the sample to corrode, and the longer the time it takes to indicate corrosion resistance, the better. Last but not least, technical data of salt mist corrosion test box.

Salt spray corrosion test chamber

After that, we will talk about the installation procedure of Salt Spray fog Corrosion Testing Equipment, which includes these parts:

1. Please connect the salt spray box power supply and air compressor power first, air pressure pipe connection.

2. Add pure water or distilled water to the inlet of the tank and behind the box until the low water level on the panel is out, otherwise it will not be able to move normally.

3. The drain pipe and exhaust pipe connection is complete, as shown on the front page, and the indicator is open to the left.

4. Add water from the sink to the pad position to prevent salt mist from leaking.

5. Pour salt water into the salt supplement arying bottle, i.e. automatically fill the salt water into the laboratory spray tower, so that the water flow to the saline spray tower.

6. Add the wet ball cup with water, the wet bulb thermometer is covered with gauze and the end of the gauze is placed in the wet bulb cup.

7. Place the test film or specimen on the frame: set angle according to the required standard slicing, such as standard test film 130 x 70 (mm) can be used 15 degrees, 30 degrees slope.

8. Press the power supply, operate the key, advance the pre-temperature, reach the set temperature. Note: Cover the test cover and place it carefully to avoid breakage.

9. Press the timing button to time the time set.

10. After the test is complete, switch off in order.

11. If there are any anomalies in the experiment, please refer to the functional anomaly judgment table treatment.

To be concluded, we should make good use of Salt Spray Corrosion Chamber.

Salt spray corrosion test chamber

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