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How to use salt spray test chamber

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How to use salt spray test chamber

The newly bought salt spray test chamber does not know how to install it? Do you know the operating steps? Open this article to teach you how to install a salt spray test chamber for more accurate testing.

Salt spray corrosion testing chamber

Pre-installation precautions

First, salt spray test tank water supply system installation

1.Water quality requirements: filtered industrial water or tap water. The pH of the filtered water is salt spray corrosion cabinet.

2. Pressure requirement: The water pressure is 1~3 kg to ensure the normal water supply.

3. Interface requirements: The water supply port of the equipment should be connected by a hose and fixed with a sealing ring to prevent leakage.

Salt spray corrosion testing chamber

Second, salt spray test box power supply system requirements

1. Power requirements: single phase AC 220V 50Hz

2. Current requirement: Max 15 A

3. Protection requirements: need to install an independent leakage protection switch

Third, the salt spray test chamber air intake system installation

1. Pressure requirements: air compressor or air supply pipe pressure ≥ 3 kg, and dry and clean.

2, Interface requirements: equipment using quick connectors for easy disassembly and maintenance.

3. Time requirement: The test equipment must be supplied for a long time without interruption during the normal operation of the equipment.

Fourth, salt spray test chamber exhaust system requirements

1. Material requirements: PVC polythene material must be used (corrosion resistant)

2. Interface requirements: the device exhaust port should be connected by a hard tube, sealed with a sealant to prevent air leakage.

Fifth, salt spray corrosion testing chamber drainage system installation

1. Drilling requirements: the equipment is natural drainage without pressure, the wall opening height needs to be lower than the drainage outlet to ensure the drainage works normally.

2. Interface requirements: The salt fog test chamber outlet should be connected by hose or hard pipe and fixed with sealing ring to prevent leakage.

Operation points

1. Connect the salt spray box power supply and the air compressor power supply first, and connect the air pressure air pipe.

2. Add pure water or distilled water to the water inlet in the cabinet and behind the cabinet until the low water level on the panel is off, otherwise it will not work properly.

3. The connection between the drain pipe and the exhaust pipe is completed, and the indicator is open to the left.

4. Add water to the insulation tank to the pad to prevent salt spray from leaking.

Salt spray corrosion testing chamber

5. Preparation of test solution preparation method: According to the actual test requirements, the matching solution is prepared for testing.

6. Pour the brine into the salt replenishing bottle, that is, automatically fill the salt water into the spray tower in the laboratory to make the syrup flow to the salt spray tower.

7. Add water to the wet bulb, the wet bulb thermometer is covered with gauze, and the end of the gauze is placed in the wet bulb.

8. Place the sample on the rack, set the test temperature and time, adjust the decompression valve, and start the test.


1. There should be a good ventilation air around the salt spray tank, and avoid direct sunlight and heat near the stove;

2. Regularly clean and maintain the pressure tank, salt water tank and nozzle of the salt spray test chamber.

3. Do not put flammable or explosive materials into the box.

Salt spray corrosion testing chamber

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