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What Is The Noxious Gas Corrosion Test?

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What Is The Noxious Gas Corrosion Test?

Because the environment gets destroyed, the noxious gas becomes much more than before, which may influence our products about corroding them. So we should take the noxious gas corrosion test to purify the noxious gas. However how to do the test? Here I will give you an introduction and tell you how to do.





The gas corrosion test is used to determine when the product to work in the atmosphere, what are the corrosion factors. Normally, there are temperature, humidity, atmospheric corrosive components, types of corrosive gases and exposure duration factors. What made it difficult is the various kinds of noxious gas and how long the product work in the atmosphere.


It can simulate various corrosive gases such as nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and chlorine present in the atmosphere. Besides, it can conduct single or multiple mixed gas corrosion experiments to determine the corrosion resistance of components, materials of electrical equipment and electronic products.



Noxious Gas Corrosion Chamber


Take the special example of SO2 corrosion chamber. The SO2 corrosion test chamber is a gas corrosion of the sample to be tested by hydrogen sulfide gas. The ability is to corrode the material with its protective layer, compare the producing process quality with the similar protective layers, and resist the corrosion of some products.


SO2 noxious gas test chambers reproduce damages by temperature, relative humidity and noxious gas corrosion to material, components and constructions.  Besides, it can be used for single gas tests and mixed gas tests.

Noxious Gas Corrosion Chamber

Scope of Application

1. Car business: automotive equipment and equipment, auto parts, etc.

2. Computers: precision instruments such as computers, displays, mainframes, computer components, medical equipment, etc.

3. Electronic communication: mobile phones, radio frequency devices, electronic communication components, etc., PCB, PCBA.

4. Electrical appliances: household appliances, lamps, transformers and other household electrical appliances, instruments, medical equipment.



Experimental Environment


It should be noticed that when you operate this test, keep the temperature within 15 ºC ~ +80 ºC. Besides, the humidity should also control within 30%~98% R.H. The fluctuation of the temperature is ±0.5. The concentration of SO2 is 25±5 ppm.  Power and voltage is AC 380V 50HZ.

 Noxious Gas Corrosion Chamber

The Features of Noxious Gas Corrosion Chamber


1.    Use thermal mass flow controller dose gas, concentration dose unit from ppb to ppm.

2.    The inner box has a sample gas connection port and a lead hole with an inner diameter of 50 mm.

3.    The air exchange rate of the inner box can be set between 1-4 per hour.

4.    The door with observation window is standard for the noxious gas corrosion chamber.

5.    The test sample can be observed (the inner box is made of plexiglass (PMMA)).

6.    At the same time, 4 different gases can be added.

7.    The test box inner box, sample rack and gate are made of plexiglass.

8.    Monitoring the pressure between the inner and outer tanks of the test chamber for safety reasons.


Above all, the noxious gas corrosion test can let us produce the manufacture in an high quality. Remember the tips which need to notice during doing test.


Please complete fields to get price quote and specifications today. LIB team will fast response.



Please complete fields to get price quote and specifications today. LIB team will fast response.


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