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What Is The Drying Oven

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With the development of industrial technology, some products made of China's levels have reached the world's advanced and even at the leading level. Including the lab drying oven industry, it is not worse than imports, some of it are much greater than imported, and the service after sale is more convenient.  Industrial ovens are mainly used for aging, curing and drying in the electronics industry. It also is used in drying, hot loading, oil removal, returning, tempering in the machinery industry. According to a wide range of customers’different needs, we will produce the product to meet the requirements and temperature requirements with a precise temperature control and short lead time. Compared with imports, it has much more dominant positions.



The dry oven is made of angle steel and thin steel plate. In addition, the box is reinforced, the outer surface is lacquered. Besides, the outer shell and the inner tank are filled with aluminum silicate fiber to form a reliable insulation layer. The portable electrode drying oven has a wide range of applications and can dry many kinds of industrial materials, which is one of the normal industrial dry equipments.

 dry oven

Operation Principle


When the dry oven is in operation, the operator obtains the temperature value inside the dry oven through the meter and the temperature sensor, and operates through the control system. The hot air circulation heating method of the dry oven has better gas flowability than the ordinary heat dissipation heating method, and can accelerate the drying speed of materials in the dry oven.

The hot air circulation system of the lab drying oven is composed of a supply air motor, a wind wheel and an electric heater. The air supply motor drives the wind wheel to send cold air. The cold air is heated by the electric heating device to carry the heat energy and then enters the oven studio of the dry oven through the air duct.


The hot air circulation system of the dry oven is beneficial to improve the uniformity of the air temperature. During the process of transporting materials in the environmental chamber manufacturers switch box door, the temperature value will be affected and the uniformity of the hot air circulation system is beneficial to recover within the work temperature. 

The Structure Features

1.     It is an electric heating type.

2.     It also has a wide temperature range. What’s more, its volume can be selected.

3.     Its performance is reliable.

4.     When you use it, you can control the inner temperature. You also can display the unit.

5.     Its programmable color LCD touch screen controller is also very unique.

6.     It can connect with USB and Ethernet.

7.     It has the standard casters and shelf.

8.     It can give you a safety protection system.

9.     Meet the standard of CE mark, ISO17025 calibration.

dry oven

When you use the portable electrode drying oven, you should check the its surface, keep it clean. You also should check whether the ammeter is same as normal. If there is any abnormality, notify the maintenance worker to overhaul.

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Please complete fields to get price quote and specifications today. LIB team will fast response.


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