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Ultraviolet Radiation Accelerated Aging Test

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UV Weathering Test Chamber uses ultraviolet light radiation to simulate the destructive effect of sunlight on durable materials. At the same time, the spraying method is used to simulate the destructiveness of the material in the outdoor humid environment. The UV test chamber is different from the xenon lamp test chamber. The UV lamp is similar in electricity to ordinary cold-light fluorescent lamps, but it can generate more ultraviolet light than visible or infrared light.

For different exposure applications, there are different types of lamps with different spectrums to choose from. The UV-340 type of lamp can simulate sunlight well in the main short-wavelength ultraviolet spectral range. The spectral energy distribution of the UVA-340 lamp is very similar to the spectral figure separated from 360nm in the solar spectrum. UV-B lamps are also commonly used for accelerated weathering test. It destroys materials faster than UV-type lamps, but its shorter wavelength energy output than 360nm will cause many materials to deviate from actual test results.

The control of light intensity is very important for the accuracy of the test results. Most UV light aging test devices are equipped with an irradiance control system. These precise irradiance control systems allow users to choose the irradiance metric when conducting experiments. Through the feedback control system, the irradiance can be continuously and automatically monitored and accurately controlled. The control system automatically compensates for the lack of illumination due to aging of the lamp or other reasons by adjusting the power of the lamp.

Fluorescent ultraviolet light simplifies irradiance control due to its inherent spectral stability. All light sources become weaker over time. But fluorescent lamps are different from other types of lamps in that their spectral energy distribution does not change with time. This feature improves the reproducibility of the test results and is therefore a major advantage.

Tests have shown that the output power of a lamp using 2h and a lamp using 5600h in an aging test system equipped with irradiance control is not significantly different, and the irradiance control device can maintain a constant light intensity. In addition, there is no change in their spectral energy distribution, which is very different from xenon arc lamps.

One of the main advantages of using the purple light aging test is that it can simulate the more damaging effect of the outdoor wet environment on the material. When the material is placed outdoors, it is reported that it is frequently exposed to humidity for at least 12 hours per day. Because most of this humidity effect is in the form of condensation, the condensation principle is used to simulate the outdoor humid environment in the accelerated artificial weathering test.

The LIB UV Weathering Test Chamber uses the American QUV lamp, and the lamp uses air-cooled cooling to effectively extend the life of the lamp and ensure the accuracy of the test. The radiation amount is controlled by the radiometer.The water nozzle is equipped with 10 nozzles, each with a diameter of 0.5mm, a settlement of 0.8 ~ 1.0mm / 80cm2 / H, and a flow rate of 0.3L / min, so as to simulate the damage of outdoor moisture to the material. Ensure that the surface of the test piece can be evenly sprayed. The device itself is equipped with a water purifier, an independent water tank and a water recirculation system to ensure the purification of the water source to the water tank, which reduces a series of water pipes. 

The water purification device guarantees the stable nature of the water, and no impurity water affects the accuracy of the test results, thereby simplifying the installation and operation of the test equipment.

UV weathering test chamber

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