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Troubleshooting of ozone test chamber

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Troubleshooting of ozone test chamber

As we all know, ozone is a necessary gas in the atmosphere. Its main function is to absorb ultraviolet rays to prevent it from reaching the earth's surface and causing harm to the human body. In fact, ozone can also cause rubber cracking. Most of the surface of the wire and cable is covered with rubber. If the crack resistance of the rubber does not reach a certain range, it will pose a threat to human health. The rise of the wire and cable testing equipment industry has solved this problem very well. The ozone test chamber as the ozone testing equipment, its main role is to simulate ozone concentration of air on wire and cable samples for crack resistance and other performance testing. But what should we do when the ozone test chamber fails?

The common methods to deal with the failure of ozone test chamber are as follows:

1.Contrast Method

Two ozone test chambers of the same type are required, and one is in normal operation. According to the nature of the comparison, there are voltage, waveform, static impedance, output result and current comparison.

Ozon Test Chamber

2.Percussion Hand Pressing Method

It often encounters the phenomenon that the ozone test chamber is running well and sometimes bad. This phenomenon is mostly caused by poor contact or virtual welding.

3.Temperature Rise and Fall Method

The ozone test chamber will fail if it works for a long time or when the temperature is high. The shutdown check is normal, but it will fail again in a short time. By the poor performance and high temperature characteristic parameters of component failing to meet the requirements of the index. The temperature rise and fall method can be used to find the fault location.

The specific failure problems and countermeasures of ozone test chamber are mainly divided into the following points:

1.There is no ozone concentration value display on the second meter at 30 seconds after power-on, only the upper or lower limit display?


(1).Normally, the upper limit is generally caused by the fact that there is no 4-20 mA signal input. Check if the ozone transmitter has 24V power. Check the 4-20mA output line. Check if the cable connecting the sensor to the motherboard is disconnected or loose.

(2).The reason for the lower limit may be that the transmitter zero is too low, and the zero point can be adjusted. (Zero adjustment: Open the front cover and see ZERO potentiometer slowly adjust counterclockwise until the secondary table shows the value.)

(3).Open the front cover of the transmitter, adjust the multimeter to the voltage gauge and measure the two copper pins above. If it is too high or too low, adjust it to 40mV, and adjust the method according to the zero adjustment point in 2 method.

2.When the experiment is performed, the ozone concentration display value cannot stably control the value range, or high or low.


The transmitter must be polarized for several tens of hours before leaving the factory. After confirming the stability, it can be shipped from the factory. Generally, this situation is usually caused by the transmitter and the cabinet being connected. This requires the insulation between the transmitter and the cabinet.

ozon environmental tester

3.When the ozone climatic chamber is tested, the ozone display value stays at the value after power on, and does not rise.


(1).No control value. Just set the control value.

(2).The ozone generator does not work. Check whether the solid state relay has output, whether the line is connected incorrectly, or whether the solid state relay has been working.

(3).If the ozone generator is working without ozone, you need to contact the manufacturer.

(4).If none of the above conditions occur, the ozone concentration is also high, which is the actual value and does not rise. This phenomenon is usually caused by burning the triode in the transmitter if the transmitter is connected to the wrong line. Please contact the manufacturer.

4.When the ozone climatic test chamber is tested, the ozone generator is always working, and the displayed value has been rising, but it cannot be controlled.


This phenomenon is usually caused by a solid state output signal or a solid state relay.

There are two factors that determine the life of the ozone test chamber: the technology of the manufacturers of the test equipment and the components used, and the maintenance and maintenance of the ozone test chamber in the later period by the customers themselves. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance of ozone test chamber is indispensable. This also prevents it from malfunctioning.

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