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Operation method of ozone climatic chamber

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Operation method of ozone climatic chamber

The content of ozone in the atmosphere is very small, but it is the main factor of rubber cracking. The ozone test chamber simulates and strengthens the ozone condition in the atmosphere, studies the action of ozone on rubber, and quickly identifies and evaluates the anti-ozone aging performance of rubber and anti-ozonant. The method of protection effectiveness, and then take effective anti-aging measures to improve the service life of rubber products. The following is the specific operation method of the ozone test chamber.

The first step is to turn on the power and then close the circuit breaker. At this time, the ozone test chamber enters the working state. After pressing the power button, press the heating button, the timing and heating system will start working, and the temperature value will be set as required.

The second step is to press the ozone button to adjust the air intake on the ozone generator to between 1 and 2 liters per minute, then turn the transfer switch to automatic, at which point the device begins to produce ozone and control the concentration.

The third step is to remove the static sample holder, then fix the sample as specified, then hang it on the turntable and press the turntable button. At this point the turntable starts to rotate and the speed can be adjusted on the governor.

The fourth step is to turn on the light switch so that the working conditions in the ozone climatic test chamber can be clearly seen. 

The fifth step is to turn on the humidification switch, then setting the humidity value as required, and the device starts to humidify.

The sixth step is to check the temperature. When the temperature required by the test is lower than the ambient temperature, the refrigeration switch is turned on, and the refrigeration compressor starts to work after a delay of 3 minutes;

The seventh is to check the humidity. When testing a low moisture, you also need to open the cooling switch, and after a delay of 3 minutes, dehumidification refrigerant compressor starts.

The eighth step is to check the sample dynamics. When the sample needs to be subjected to dynamic tensile test, first adjust the distance and stretching frequency of the dynamic turntable according to the size of the sample, remove all the static sample holder, open the stretching switch, start the stretching of the sample holder, open the rotary switch, and open the sample holder. At the same time, start to turn.

The switching power supply of the ozone test chamber should be equipped with overloaded fuse equipment in the power supply system route to ensure that the equipment has grounding facilities. This not only ensures the safety of the experimenter, but also improves the service life of the machine. In addition, after the samples are numbered one by one, the sample is placed on the test wheel and can not be touched and impacted with each other to ensure that the active oxygen in the whole process of the experiment is tested with a uniform concentration value and each sample. In addition, the ozone test chamber should be placed in the level of the room with excellent natural ventilation, and flammable and explosive materials should not be placed around it.

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