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Maintenance of ozone climatic chamber

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Maintenance of ozone climatic chamber

The software of heating and temperature control system in ozone climatic test chamber is composed of centrifugal fan, electric heater, suitable air duct structure and temperature controller. When connected to switching power supply, centrifugal fan will immediately put the heat generated by the electric heater at the back or bottom of the box together to generate circulating air according to the air duct, and then suck in the centrifugal fan after dry and restless objects in the working room. This continuous circulating system makes the temperature exceed the uniformity.

Characteristics of Ozone Test Chamber

1. The power supply equipment should be equipped with overload fuse device in the power supply line for the special purpose of this box. And it has a good grounding device.    

2. We should prepare the test materials in advance. After numbering the samples one by one, the samples are placed on the test turntable. It is advisable not to contact and collide with each other.    

3. Close the door when everything is ready. Turn off the switches of the control system and insert the power plug into the power switch turntable to turn automatically. At the same time, the power indicator of the control system is on. If the temperature is to be raised, the switch (high temperature switch and low temperature switch) must be turned on, and then the automatic control system must be adjusted.

4. The enclosure must be grounded effectively to ensure safe operation.    

5. It should be placed in a well-ventilated indoor horizontal position. Flammable and explosive articles should not be placed around it.    

6. A switch of the brake knife with iron shell should be installed in the power supply line for the special purpose of this box. Please check the electrical performance of the box before the shell is grounded and electrified. Attention should be paid to whether there is circuit break or leakage. There is no explosion-proof device in this instrument. Flammable and explosive articles should not be dried.    

7. Don't overcrowded the items in the box. Make room for hot air circulation.

Ozon Test Chamber

Maintenance of Tips for Ozone Testing Equipment

1. Do not disassemble the electrical components on the operation panel if common faults occur and need to be replaced. We need to guarantee the service life of the test box.

2. Do not place objects at the top of the machine. This is conducive to the heat pipe and heat dissipation of motor and control parts.

3. If the temperature of the electrical components is too high, the reasons should be checked.

4. After a test, the test box should be cleaned to resist corrosion.

5. At the end of the experiment, the main switching power supply should be closed to wipe off the water stains in the working room and make the test box in the dry natural environment as far as possible.

Above are some tips about ozone aging test box. I hope they can help. The cost of a device is very high. In our daily use process, we must do a good job of maintenance. This can extend its service life.

ozone aging test chamber

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