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Types of Environmental Test

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First of all, we need to know the definition of environmental test. Environmental test is an activity carried out to maintain the functional reliability of a product during its intended life, in all environments in which it is intended to be used, transported or stored. The product is subjected to its effects under natural or artificial environmental conditions to evaluate the performance of the product under actual environmental conditions of use, transportation and storage, and to analyze the degree of influence of the environmental factors and its mechanism of action. Usually the environmental test will be conducted in the environmental testing equipment such as environmental chamber. There are three types of environmental test.

1.    Natural Exposure Test

The natural exposure test is an important way to assess the environmental adaptability of the product. It is to expose and test the sample under natural environmental conditions. Generally speaking, this can truly reflect the performance and reliability of the product in actual use, and also verify the artificial simulation. Test the basis of reproducibility. This test has a long cycle and usually takes more than two years. Natural exposure testing focuses on environmental adaptability studies of materials, processes, and structural components, with a focus on the study of corrosion, aging, and degradation morphology and regularity of materials. In recent years, attention has been paid to the natural exposure test of components, equipment components, equipment and even the entire weapon. 

Natural exposure tests can be divided into non-climate protection and climate protection. Non-climate protection means exposure to the outdoors and the sample is directly affected by the climate. Climate protection can be divided into complete climate protection and partial climate protection: Full climate protection is exposed in air conditioning and semi-air conditioning indoors, which can protect samples from direct climate impact. Some climate protection refers to products under the shed and shelter. The exposure can only partially protect the product from direct weather.

Environmental Test

2.    Artificial Simulation Test

Modern production has the characteristics of short cycle, fast replacement, and wider use of products. It needs to quickly understand the environmental adaptability of products in a short period of time. Due to this, there is a need for an environmental test method that is capable of simulating the impact of the on-site environment and the on-site environmental impact in the laboratory, which is not affected by natural climate seasons and regions. That is laboratory artificial simulation test. 

The artificial simulation test is to reproduce various natural environmental factors in the laboratory. However, it is very difficult to fully simulate various environmental factors in the laboratory. Environmental simulation technology has evolved with the development of modern science and technology. Although it has progressed and advanced a lot, it is still impossible to completely simulate the scene.

Environmental test

3.    Field Test

The field test is a test that evaluates and analyzes the environmental suitability and reliability of the product under actual use environmental conditions. Like the natural exposure test, it can truly reflect the performance and reliability level of the product in actual use. It is also the basis for verifying the reproducibility of the laboratory manual simulation test, but the shortcoming is that the test cycle is long and the manpower and material resources are large. However, if there is a feasible failure statistical analysis program, the resulting product environmental adaptability and reliability level will reflect the true level of the product with higher confidence, and it is more effective for evaluating the actual ability of the product.

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