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How To Perform Humidity Control Test In ISO 105 B02?

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ISO 105 has clear regulations for determining the influence of artificial light sources that represent natural light on the color of various forms of textiles. This test method is also applicable to white (bleached or optical brightener) textiles. This method allows two different sets of blue wool references to be used.

Requirements for relative humidity in the test chamber

The area in the test chamber equipment that can meet and maintain the temperature, light and humidity requirements.

The ratio of the actual water vapor pressure in the relative humidity test chamber to the saturated water vapor pressure of water at the same temperature, expressed as a percentage.

The combination of effective humidity air and surface temperature and relative air humidity dominates the moisture content of the test sample surface during the exposure process.

Testing requirements

Trigger mode operation mode. In this mode, the sample holder rotates around the central light source. When rotating alternately, the sample holder automatically rotates 180 degrees around its vertical axis, so that the sample will face the light source every alternate rotation.

Humidity During accelerated laboratory exposure tests, the presence of moisture can have a significant effect. The equipment should have a means to provide and control sample humidity by humidifying the room air. According to the ISO 3696 standard, the quality of the water used to generate effective humidity should be at least Grade 3.

The cover shell should be made of opaque thin material, such as high-grade steel, thin aluminum plate or cardboard covered with aluminum foil, to partially cover the sample. The opaque material should not react with the sample or test conditions, nor should it cause any change in the color of the sample or reference material.

The sample holder does not contain optical or fluorescent brighteners.

Preparation of test pieces

The size of the sample depends on the number of samples to be tested and the shape and size of the sample holder provided with the instrument. The size of the sample holder of the LIB xenon lamp aging test chamber is 95mm*200mm, and the quantity is 34. Each exposed area and unexposed area should be no less than 10 mm x 8 mm.

The sample can be a piece of cloth, tightly wound with yarn on the sample holder, or placed in parallel and fixed on the card. Or a fiber mat that is combed and compressed to form a uniform surface and fixed on the card.

The size and shape of the specimen to be tested and the blue wool reference material should be the same in order to avoid errors caused by overestimating the visual contrast between the exposed and unexposed parts of the larger pattern in the evaluation.

xenon arc aging test

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