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What Is The Environmental Test Chamber?

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The environmental chamber is a scientific and technological method to simulate the natural environment and climate, and is destructive to modern industrial products. Representative tests of environmental test chambers include: Ozone test chamber, Dust test chamber, Rain test cham,Moisture test ,Temperature humidity testing chamber, Salt spray corrosion chamber, and Sand test Chamber, etc.



The importance and the operating principles of a test

Have you ever bought a product that turned out to be defective after just a few weeks, or even the first time you used it? This might have happened because some products have been subjected to external factors such as temperature, humidity and vibrations that were not expected or otherwise taken into account when they were being designed; moreover, one often hears talk of “quality” and “reliability” as factors to be taken into consideration in order to make one’s products stand out from the rest.



In today’s global market in which every product can be sold in the most remote corners of our planet, it is essential that the development and design phase takes into consideration the different environmental conditions to which the product will be subjected, from warmer to cooler climates, the effect of salt corrosion, and many other factors.


In addition to the usage conditions, it is good to take into account the various stresses that the product may be subject to during packaging, transport and storage operations, which could cause damage or shorten the useful life of the product.

environmental chamber

Can your product withsand all climatic conditions?

It is highly likely that from the very first days of its “life” your product will be subjected to stress factors, sometimes combined, for example:

Climatic changes 、Vibrations、Solar radiation 、High levels of humidity.

So, what needs to be done to avoid these kinds of potential drawbacks and ensure greater product reliability? And which guarantees can be given to the customer?


The apparently simple answer would be to test the product in all its usage conditions. But how can this be done?


Actually, during the Research & Development phase many companies carry out tests on prototypes to check the reliability, testing the characteristics, stress resistance or simply the behaviour in the context of use. If these tests are not passed satisfactorily, one searches for the cause, or the defective component, in order to correct the problem.


Using an environmental test chamber helps manufacturers discover potential defects to be corrected before the production stage, ensuring:

Lower maintenance costs and satisfied customers.


environmental chamber

The test site for environmental testing should be broadly representative, capable of conducting as many pilot projects as possible, and should be as close as possible to the environment in which future operations may be possible. However, environmental test sites often differ from real-life environments.

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